It’s almost here! My first album!

Front Cover


Hi! Well, it looks as though it’s been quote a while since I wrote anything on here… but I’m back!

Yes, that’s right. December 4th is the day that my album will release! This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. A present/tribute to my Mom and Dad who gave me the gift of music. They have always loved jazz, as well as many other styles of music, and I wanted to give them an album of some of my favorites. I hope you will like it too.

The guys who played are all amazing. Jonathan Katz, Steve Sacks, Shinichi Sato and my son (Miles) Kay Morishita.



Here are some pictures from the sessions.


At Studio Leda with Jonathan Katz and Yuki Mizutani.

At Power House Studio in Septemeber with the whole band and Arima san. Check out the guys singing backup vocals!

IMG_2964Two tired guys after the session.

June Schedule 6月の予定

June 5th, Friday Araki Hiroshi One Bill Concert@ Runess Hall Okayama 6月5日(金)ワンビルコンサート ルネスホール岡山 19;00スタート

One Bill '15

June 13th, Saturday MIKI YAMANAKA from NEW YORK! @ Live House Bird, Okayama 6月13日(土)山中みき from New York! 岡山ライブハウスバード 20時45分スタート

Miki Chan '15


June 14th, Sunday NABL Big Band Festival in Kobe with West Union

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.19.02 PM



June 17th, Wednesday Neil Stalnaker Group @ D’s Club, Marugame 6月17日(水)ニール ストルネイカーグループ D’s Club 香川県丸亀





Norm Stockton 4 Josh 4 2015 Jonathan Scott Scott Hashizume Nishigawa 2015

April~May Schedule 4月、5月のスケージュール 

Josh Front

Josh back

April 16th Thursday Joshua Breakstone 4tet from New York! @ Interlude Okayama

April 17th Friday Joshua Breakstone  4tet from New York! @ So Nice Takamatsu 高松

April 18th Saturday Joshua Breakstone Trio from New York! @ Penny Lane Kurashiki Joshua Breakstone/ Guitar, Naoki MItsuoka/ Bass, (17th~18th) Kei Morishita/ drums, Scott Chadwick/ trumpet 光岡直紀/ベース、森下啓/ドラム(17~18日のみ)

April 20th Monday Scott Chadwick 4tet featuring Jonathan Katz! @ Hair Attic Okayama  Jonathan Katz/ Piano, Naoki MItsuoka/ Bass,  Kei Morishita/ drums, Scott Chadwick/ trumpet 光岡直紀/ベース、森下啓/ドラム                   Jonathan Katz Front

Jonathan Katz Back

May 2nd Tim Keeler & Scott Chadwick @ Penny Lane Kurashki  Tim Keeler/ Guitar, Vocal, Scott Chadwick/ Mandolin,Electric Mandolin, Tenor Guitar, etc.

May 3rd Scott Chadwick Group @Avenue Kurashiki  Hiroshi Araki/ Guitar, Kei Morishita/ Drums, Shouta Ishikawa/ Bass, Scott Chadwick/Trumpet, Vocal May 9th Scott Chadwick Group Special @Avenue Kurashiki        Hiroshi Araki/ Guitar, Hibiki Nakagawa/ Trumpet, Takuya Sumida/ Bass, Yuki Yamamoto/ drums, Scott Chadwick/Trumpet, Vocal May 17th Jazz Seminar @ Jordan Okayama     Hiroshi Araki/ Guitar, Scott Chadwick/ Trumpet


May 18th Norm Stockton Special Live @ Cross Road Church Okayama  Norm Stockton/ Bass, Hiroshi Araki/ Guitar, Kei Morishita/ Drums, Scott Chadwick/ Trumpet May 19th Norm Stockton Special Worship Workshop @ Cross Road Church Okayama  Norm Stockton/ Bass, Scott Chadwick/ Translation May 20th Norm Stockton Special Bass & Drum Groove Workshop@ Cross Road Church Okayama  Norm Stockton/ Bass Scott Chadwick/ Translation

March Schedule 3月のスケージュール

February 7th @Penny Lane with Tim Keeler

Tim and Scott 1:15

February 22, Sunday 19:00~ @ Crossroad Church Okayama    Highest Worship with Tim Keeler, Picci Uemori, Tokio Yamamoto

クロスロードチャーチ岡山にてHighest Worship

Highest 1:15

March 13th, Friday@ Interlude Okayama  20:15~   インターリュード 岡山

Hiroshi Araki / guitar, Kazuya Fukuro / bass 荒木博司 guitar , 福呂和也 bass

March 14th, Saturday Private party for Fumi Nitta

Hiroshi Araki / guitar, Kazuya Fukuro / bass 荒木博司 guitar , 福呂和也 bass

Nitta san

March 15th, Sunday Kurashiki Big Band Festival @ Kurashiki Geibunkan with Kurashiki Jazz Ensemble

倉敷ビッグバンドフェスティバル 倉敷芸文館 倉敷ジャズアンサンブル

March 20th, Friday Scott Chadwick Quartet @ Jazz Place Neco in Otsu, Shiga

Katsuro Hirakawa/ piano,  Hajime Teshima/ bass, Kei Morishita/ drums

3月20日 Jazz Placeねこ にてスペシャルカルテット!

平川勝朗/piano, 手島甫/bass

,森下啓 /drums


March 24th, Tuesday 19:30~ @Yorozuya Soube, Kobe with Tatsuya Okuda/ alto sax, Yuki Nakayama/ trombone, Satoru Terada/ piano, Miho Sakai/ bass,and Kei Morishita/ drums

3月24日 カフェ萬屋宗兵衛 (神戸)奥田龍弥(as) スコットチャドウィック(tp) 中山 雄貴(tb) 寺田悟(p) 坂井美保(b) 森下啓(ds)

Happy New Year! & January Schedule

Went to a few year end sessions and caught up with old friends. Made some friends too! These days my son, Miles, makes a bigger impression at the sessions than I do. Now that’s cool! I’m writing this as he’s taking a lesson with Masashi Tomikawa, Master of Latin rhythm!


Not too much playing this month. 今月のスケジュールです。
January 9th, Friday with Hiroshi Araki @ Runess Hall Okayama.


January 10th @ Kurashiki Avenue. Scott. Chadwick Group
Hiroshi Araki, Ryo Nobusaki, Hiroki Kondo, and special guest Yuji Hikita on drums!




February 7th Saturday @ Penny Lane Kurashiki with Tim Keeler.







12月のスケージュール December Schedule!

12/5 @Interlude 岡山インターリュードにて from Tokyo! Neil Stalnaker tp ニール・ストルネイカーand橋本アリサwithFriends 20:15~ ニール・ストルネイカー(Tp), 橋本アリサ(Vo), ScottChadwick(Tp),山本ヒロユキ(P), 森下啓(D), 伊予平(b)

12/6〜7 ニール・ストルネイカー レッスン日 Neil Stalnaker lessons in Okayama

12/12 岡山ピアノバー Piano Bar 岡山 荒木博司 gt, 福呂和也bs, Scott Chadwick tp 20:00~

12/13 倉敷アベニュー Kurashiki Avenue Scott Chadwick Group 20:00~  Scott Chadwick tp/vo, 荒木博司gt, 福呂和也bs from 京都, 森下啓dr from 神戸

12/19 Crossroad Church 岡山 M Cafe with “Picci” Uemori gt

12/20 岡山 服部管楽器 クリスマス会 & 大忘年会@ 靴のタツオカ Kutsu no Tatsuoka Jazz Live12/23

12/23 旧坂野邸岡山市北区菅野1024Shoko(vo),荒木博司(g),Scott Chadwick(tp)

1/9 One Bill Concert @ Runess Hall Okayama  岡山ルネスホール 荒木博司、他

1/10 倉敷アベニュー Kurashiki Avenue Scott Chadwick Group 20:00~  Scott Chadwick tp/vo, 荒木博司gt, 森下啓dr from 神戸